Stanisław Lem's stories review

Solaris - Stanisław Lem Kongres futurologiczny - Stanisław Lem Maska - Stanisław Lem

I've reviewed 3 stories by Stanisław Lem, Polish sf author. I've read them for the challenge of reading Polish literature... and because I decided "It's time" to read Lem at last.


These stories are:

  • Solaris
  • Kongres Futurologiczny (The Futurological Congress)
  • Maska (The Mask)


The review is on my blog, here: but as you can see from rating, I've enjoyed all 3 stories. Btw, the covers I used in these posts, aren't the covers of the books I've read. I've read really old Polish pocket books, but no need to add it here. ;) At least these covers are more interesting. :P