Off-Topic: a review ;)

OFF-TOPIC: The Story of an Internet Revolt by G.R. Reader - G.R. Reader

I started reading it on a sleepless night, which soon turned into a morning. I had wanted to read it because I was somewhat outside the whole deleting reviews and wanted to understand what happened. And that book explained all that I needed and more.

I joined GR few months ago, but I didn't engage in community too much. I remembered reading the announcement that GR'll be a part of Amazon and it was "oh noes" (tho I use Amazon sometimes).  This whole issue that was written in the book just makes me convinced that the full-length reviews of the book I've read (either good or bad) should be outside GR. Like here, or on my blog.

I applaud the author for the hard word and an interesting writing. I laughed at the "Founding Fathers" part. I applaud the creativity of people who contributed to the content. The topic is very sensitive matter, and I'd advise to read it, think about it and have an opinion about it. I dislike the "must read" or "should read" types of opinions, so I won't do that. I can say it's worth reading and digesting whatever had been written there. Like the title suggest, it's not only about GR, it's about Internet and one's own place in the Internet.