A short review

Six Suspects - Vikas Swarup

I usually don't read crime stories. But this is an unusual crime story. More like drama mixed with crime story. Or six stories. Six suspects means six (sometimes interconnected) life stories with all roads leading to Vicky Rai, a young rich playboy with many sins on his account. All six suspects had motives and chance to kill him, but who killed him in the end? And why?


The book is not focusing on the work of police or a crime journalist the way we know it. We read life stories from few months earlier, all leading to the crime point.  The main crime of the book is mentioned only in the beginning and at the end of the book, when all the suspects are "attending" the party held by Vicky Rai.


This type of storytelling is more interesting, than the usual procedural one. It gives more insight into the characters and the Indian setting. It may rely heavily on Indian setting, but it's also kinda universal.