Filosofi Kopi: Kumpulan Cerita dan Prosa Satu Dekade

Filosofi Kopi: Kumpulan Cerita dan Prosa Satu Dekade - Dee My first book of Dee... and I'm quite disappointed. I've seen adaptations of her books and had much more fun than from this.

The book is imho too cerebral. A little of action, too much thinking/thoughts of characters/making up things what somebody else might be doing. The action gets watery between the long descriptions and a bit of dialogues. I'm not a fan of long descriptions/thinking.

The book contains 18 stories, without any order. At least not chronological. Maybe it was explained in introduction, haven't read it. ;) Some of the stories are really short, just 2 pages long. Some are unfortunately too long. (Mencari Herman - Looking for Herman).

The funniest story was... surprisingly the last one - "Rico de Coro". I hate cockroaches, I'm scared of them like Sarah... but it was probably the lightest and funniest story. I still hate cockroaches. :D

I'm relieved I've finished it. I was rather forcing myself to finish it.

The ** is because it had some good moments. It's not exactly "didn't like it". Some of the stories are nice. It's probably just "too much of it". The book is not my style, but generally not bad. It's ok = it's not that bad.